Unleash Savings with Our Buy One, Get Another 50% Off Deal!

Unleash Savings with Our Buy One, Get Another 50% Off Deal!

Don't miss out on our exclusive Buy One, Get Another at 50% Off promotion! Choose your favourite items, and when you buy one at regular price, enjoy a fantastic 50% discount on the second-highest valued item in your cart. It's a limited-time offer, so hurry and shop today to get the best deals. Read our terms and conditions for all the details!

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How It Works:

  1. Choose Your Favourites:Browse our wide selection of products and select the items you'd like to purchase.
  2. Pair Them Up:For this limited-time promotion, when you buy one item at the regular price, you can choose a second item of your choice at a fantastic 50% discount.
  3. Get the Best Deal:The discount will be applied to the item with the second-highest value in your cart. That means you'll enjoy significant savings on one of your top picks.
  4. Checkout with Savings:Complete your order, and watch the discounts take effect at checkout. It's that simple!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Eligibility:This promotion is open to all customers who make a qualifying purchase on our website.
  2. Qualifying Purchase:To qualify for this promotion, customers must purchase two or more eligible items from our selection. The discount will be applied to the item with the second-highest value in the cart.
  3. Discount Calculation:The discount is calculated based on the regular price of the eligible items. The item with the second-highest value will receive a 50% discount.
  4. Mix and Match:Customers have the flexibility to mix and match eligible items from different categories to create their bundle. The discount will be applied to the second-highest priced item.
  5. Single Transaction:The promotion is applicable to a single transaction. Customers can enjoy the discount on the second item within the same purchase.
  6. Limited Time Offer:This offer is valid for a limited time only and can be withdrawn or modified by the company at any time without prior notice.
  7. Returns and Exchanges:In the event of a return or exchange of an item purchased under this promotion, the refund or exchange value will be adjusted to reflect the applied discount.
  8. Quality Assurance:All products included in this promotion are of the highest quality and meet our quality standards.
  9. Availability:The promotion is subject to product availability. If an eligible item is out of stock, the promotion will not apply to that item.
  10. Non-Transferable:The promotion is non-transferable and can only be used by the customer who made the original purchase.
  11. Online Orders Only:This promotion is applicable to online orders placed through our website and may not be available in physical stores.
  12. Void Where Prohibited:This promotion is void where prohibited by law.
  13. Questions: For any questions or inquiries related to this promotion, customers can contact our customer care team at info@rugshop.ie via LIVE chat during working hours.
  14. Right to Cancel:The company reserves the right to cancel any orders or revoke the discount if it is found that the promotion was used inappropriately or to manipulate discounts.
  15. Additional Terms:Additional terms and conditions may apply as determined by the company.

By participating in this promotion, customers agree to abide by these terms and conditions. The company reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions at its discretion.