Shaggy Rugs

If there’s something called cosy and comfortable, it has to be shaggy rugs. Imagine sitting on such soft, thick rugs in the living room in cold weather in front of the fire and getting warmth! Perfect bliss. Their plush texture and amazing subtle colours can be your best addition to the interior decor of your home. Browse here and find your choice.

Experience Plushness On Every Step: Shop Shaggy Rugs Online


Walking at home is no longer tiring, thanks to shaggy rugs in Ireland! During the ‘60s and ‘70s, they were iconic. Fortunately, for ever-changing trends, they are back in demand again. Popular among new-age homeowners, they once ruled every home and were loved by hippies as much as others. The fact that they featured unorthodox and remarkable looks made them perfect for a generation keen on experimenting. As fresh hues were introduced, shag rugs further rose to fame.

Today, with innovative carpeting materials and advanced manufacturing techniques showing up, shag rugs have grown softer and more durable than before. No wonder they are on the upswing again! Unlike the quintessential orange and green, rug manufacturers have introduced more colour choices to make shopping a fun experience. Like others, if you wish to evoke nostalgia and revisit a satisfying era you were once fond of, shop for shaggy rugs online from Rugshop.

We feature an extensive range, including large red, pink and black shaggy rugs and others turning heads with their textures and colours. You have not explored enough if you have never visited us. So, come and check out our collection. We are sure it will leave you impressed throughout the end.


Explore the Cosy World of Shaggy Rugs with Rugshop: A Unique Style for Every Taste


A shaggy rug is a carpet that makes up an inviting space with its long pile height, ranging between 20 and 50 mm. Manufactured from polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, faux fur, leather, or wool, it is like an extra dose of warmth rendered to living spaces, and people happily have it indoors to remodel their rooms and make them more welcoming. Derived from the ancient English term sceacga, it relates more to skegg, meaning beard. Crafted from numerous materials, every shag had one thing in common: a deep pile with long loops. It clearly explains why this style of carpeting appears haggard.


At Rugshop, there is a shag rug for every homeowner. Explored below are the popular styles worth checking out for a pleasant shopping experience.


  • Classic shag – If you are a fan of traditional-style rugs that are timeless, soft-textured, and plush, you are definitely going to love classics.
  • Contemporary shag – Covet plenty of colour, shape and pattern choices? Shop this style, characterised by a shorter pile and enjoy flooring your contemporary spaces with the right choice.
  • Flokati shag – Perfectly suited for bedrooms and living areas, Flokati shags feature a deep and soft pile of wool. When looking to lend a luxurious touch to your rooms, this one can be your go-to carpet style.
  • Berber shag – It’s a unique textured carpet that strikes a flawless balance between the cosiness of shags and the looped structure of Berber.
  • Moroccan shag - Inspired by Moroccan design, this shag style is renowned for having a mix of textures clubbed with geometric patterns.
  • Faux-fur shag – This rug style features synthetic materials and mimics the look of a real fur shag rug. Go for either natural-looking tones or bold shades like a large pink shaggy rug to make a difference.
  • Solid colour shag – Appearing only in single, solid colours, this style is simple yet versatile. It’s a great choice when working on the comfort and texture of your room without overdoing it.


Convert Your Plush Dreams to Reality: Take the Journey with Rugshop


Landing yourself on a shag rug is no miracle. It’s the outcome of an informed decision. Let Rugshop guide you to the most coveted piece.


  • Consider the decoration type – Examine what’s dominating your home’s interior. Is it minimalist, contemporary, traditional, transitional, or a different aesthetic? Depending on the existing interior decoration, choose a shag rug that best complements it. For instance, search for a modern shag carpet to match the modern dynamics of your living space.
  • Pick the right size – Measure your space to determine the correct rug dimension that fits into your room. Let’s assume you have your heart set on a large red shaggy rug. Buy it, assuming it leaves a minimum of 5 cm of space around your carpet.
  • Choose the right colour – The optimal hue works in your favour to make a room more attractive and energetic. If you prefer simplicity, pick a solid-colour shag rug. However, if you prioritise colourful patterns, invest in a Moroccan shag.
  • Decide on a shape – Think beyond a rectangular shag carpet. For instance, consider placing a round one to explore creative decoration and lend more smoothness to your room.


Feel the Difference: Shop Shaggy Rugs in Ireland Only From Rugshop


Believe it or not, a shag rug is a welcome addition to a playroom, a family room, or a nursery. Despite its upgrade with innovative manufacturing styles and fibres, it retains the carefree and inviting appeal that once made it popular during the ‘60s and ‘70s. At Rugshop, we feature a wide-ranging collection where you can shop for your preferred floor cover at competitive prices. Wondering what makes our fuzzy carpets so affordable? We source directly from factories and involve no intermediaries. Hence, the reasonable price tags on our fluffy carpets. You can save more by ordering over a cart value of €40. Try us for a change, and let our curated collection bring you shaggy bliss.


FAQ on Shag Rugs


  • What are the benefits of choosing shaggy rugs?

Such styles go beyond a cosy and casual feel. They reduce noise, add warmth and make a living space more comfortable.

  • Which material produces the best shaggy carpet?

If you prioritise luxury and durability, choose shag carpets woven from wool fibres. However, if you are more concerned about resistance to stain and affordability, work with a nylon or polyester pile.

  • How to maintain a shag rug?

You can vacuum regularly. Just remember to attach a beater bar at the time of cleaning. When deep cleaning, apply a professional rug cleaner. Deal with accidental spills through spot cleaning and take action immediately. Always use a clean, absorbent cloth.

  • Is a large black shaggy rug a good idea?

Of course, it is a great choice when you desire instant drama and sophistication and are bent on making a stylish statement. However, grab it only when adding it to spacious areas.