Extra Large Rugs

Before you buy rugs online, make sure you know where you want to place them, because that will determine the size and measurements of the rugs. For instance, an extra large rug will compliment a basement or a large living room, holding all the furniture legs at the edges and keeping some open space around. If you check out our curated large area rugs below, you’ll see some are designed to demarcate a living area from a dining space, while others are meant to create cosy conversation nooks within grand spaces. Styled in both contemporary and traditional mosaics, they are all budget-friendly and long lasting.

Make a Statement With an Elegant Extra Large Rug – Explore Our Collections Today!


Discover the perfect way to tie your furniture together with our collection of extra-large rugs, designed to pamper your feet and elevate your home's style. These carpets not only will make your house feel inviting and warm but also tie each and everything together, making a harmonious setting with your bean bag, coffee table and sofa.

Our collection caters to different tastes, ranging from simple and subtle rugs to bold ones. Our rugs are tough against spills as well as resilient against wear. They feature a unique style that can add a touch of elegance to any room. If you are looking to add some aesthetics to your home, especially in your living room, you should definitely check out our extra-large rugs. This will not only make your living space beautiful but also add comfort and warmth.


Discover the Potential of Our Extra Large Rug Collection!


Our big rugs for the living room can offer a multitude of advantages, enhancing both comfort and aesthetics in your living space. Their generous dimensions serve various practical purposes, making them an invaluable addition to any home.

  1. Better Safety and Comfort: Our extra-large carpets provide a soft and comforting surface, perfect for cushioning footsteps and minimising the risk of injury from falls. This is particularly beneficial for households with toddlers and elderly members, offering peace of mind and added safety.
  2. Conceals Imperfections: Imperfections in flooring, such as broken tiles or stains, can be easily concealed with our beautiful extra-large rugs, instantly revitalising the appearance of the room. Whether it's covering flaws or enhancing the overall ambiance, our carpets easily blend with existing furnishings.
  3. Visual Impact and Warmth: The sheer size of our extra-large rug adds a touch of sophistication to any room, increasing its visual appeal. Beyond aesthetics, our rugs also provide insulation, shielding against cold draughts during the winter months, thus enhancing overall comfort.
  4. Space Division and Cohesion: In open-plan living areas, our extra-large carpets will help create distinct zones for different activities, such as dining, lounging, or cooking. By defining these spaces, they create a sense of order and harmony in the room, making it feel more organized and welcoming.


Transform Your Space with Our Extra Large Rugs: Where to Showcase Their Beauty?


Living Room

In your living room, create a cosy atmosphere by placing extra-large rugs for living room under your furniture's front legs. Choose a size that follows the standard area rug guidelines, leaving 4-6 inches of bare floor around the edges for a balanced look.


Bring warmth to your bedroom with woolen large rugs placed under the bed, covering the bottom third. For smaller bedrooms, opt for a rug that fills the entire space with 2–5 inches of bare floor along the walls. In larger rooms, leave 8–10 inches of space between the rug and walls for an elegant feel.


Transform your balcony into a cosy retreat with extra-large outdoor rugs crafted from durable materials like polyester or jute. These rugs are resistant to stains and water, making them perfect for outdoor use without worrying about fading in the sunlight.


Add a touch of sophistication to your hallways with durable, extra-large area rugs, blending practicality with aesthetic appeal. Explore a variety of designs available at Rigshop to find the perfect fit for your home's corridors.

Kids Room

Ensure safety and comfort in your children's room with low-pile, extra-large rugs, minimising slipping hazards. Use rug grippers to keep the rug securely in place and avoid high-pile rugs to prevent accidents, creating a cosy and safe environment for play and relaxation.


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At Rugshop, we offer the most extensive selection of extra-large rugs across all price ranges. Whether you're looking for something unique or classic, we have the perfect option for you. Shopping with us ensures 100% buyer protection and dedicated after-sales support. Plus, we can create custom rugs and carpets tailored to your exact specifications. Choose Rugshop for quality, variety, and personalised service!