Bamboo Silk Rugs

As an alternative to the traditional pure silk rugs, we have bamboo silk rugs. They are woven using the natural bamboo plant fibre. If you are someone who suffers from respiratory problems and has sensitive skin allergies, these types of silk rugs would make a great option for you as they contain antibacterial properties. Though these two types of silk are often comparable in terms of their characteristics, such as comfort and durability, they are both soft to the touch and have a shimmering outlook that cheers up a boring environment. Choose from these highly breathable rugs, just like our cotton rugs, and enjoy a low-cost, eco-friendly lavishness with your home decor.

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Come to Rugshop to shop for the most chic, sophisticated, and exquisite bamboo silk rugs. Our range of rugs is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional silk rugs and is made from the cellulose that's extracted from bamboo plants. After processing the raw materials, you get the silky, soft fibre that makes the bamboo silk rugs a delight to touch and a heavenly barefoot experience for rug lovers. Moreover, bamboo silk rugs can instantly transform your space and enhance its appeal with their soft and durable texture. The premium-quality material is incredibly soft, anti-bacterial, and breathable too. The great news is that bamboo rugs are much more affordable than traditional silk rugs and have antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.


The Most Distinctive And Popular Bamboo Silk Rugs


You can now add elegance and beauty to your home by investing in these elegant mixtures of the most popular bamboo silk rugs. At Rugshop, you will find an exquisite collection of the best bamboo silk rugs that harmoniously blend into your living spaces. Now redefine your interiors with the best rugs that represent the height of luxury.

Traditional Oriental Bamboo Silk Rugs: With intrinsic motifs and patterns, these rugs are exquisite and have a unique aesthetic appeal. The traditional oriental bamboo silk rugs come in exclusive designs and are inspired by traditional Turkish, Persian, and Indian designs. The most popular designs include geometric and floral patterns that incorporate rich hues like blue, red, and gold.

Contemporary Bamboo Silk Rugs: With simpler and more abstract designs, the bamboo silk rugs come with bold colours and clean lines. Featuring abstract geometric patterns, you can also find minimalistic patterns that's ideally suitable for eclectic and modern interiors.

Transitional Bamboo Silk Rugs: Do you want a rug that blends contemporary elements with traditional designs, making them a highly versatile choice suitable for various interior styles? These kinds of rugs feature a combination of different kinds of classic motifs along with updated textures and colours.

Textured/High-Low Pile Bamboo Silk Rugs: These kinds of rugs are designed with a textured surface with a combination of low and high pile height for enhancing the visual aesthetics and adding depth to the rug design. These kinds of rugs offer a tactile experience underfoot, and there is an aura of luxury and sophistication all over the place.

These are just a few simple examples of bamboo-silk rugs. At Rugshop, you will find a distinctive and wide collection of the most exotic and eye-catching bamboo silk rugs that can instantly revamp your old space and give it a brand new look.


Rugshop’s Distinctive Collection


If you are looking for rugs that are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, with all their insulating properties offering texture and depth, then bamboo silk rugs should be your pick. Rugshop is the ideal destination for high-quality rugs that are a visual delight and can change the entire ambiance of your space, taking things to a higher notch. Our rug collection has a timeless appeal and is extremely durable, making it a great choice for high-traffic zones. Check out our exclusive collection today to place your orders.


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We leave no stone unturned to get you the best grade of rugs at competitive prices. You can find some of the most exclusive collections here that can make your space look more like a palace. Our rugs can interestingly transform a simplistic home into a luxurious apartment and change the look completely. Now get the most authentic rug pieces for your home at Rugshop. We source the high-quality rugs directly from the factories, eliminating the middleman and thus reducing the cost to a large extent.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of bamboo-silk rugs?

Bamboo silk rugs are a luxurious addition to your home. They have a silky texture and a natural sheen that can boost the visual appeal of your space. Blending the fibres doesn't only make the rug durable but visually stunning as well.

Are bamboo silk rugs suitable for homes with kids and pets?

These rugs are delicate and can be prone to damage, but again the bamboo silk rugs are also highly durable. If you have kids and pets at home, we recommend laying these rugs in low-traffic zones to reduce the chances of wear and tear.

Are bamboo-silk rugs an eco-friendly choice?

Certainly yes! Compared to other crops, bamboo grows fast and requires less water, which again means minimal water consumption and fewer chemicals used in the production of bamboo silk. This proves that bamboo silk is an eco-friendly choice for the long run.