Trellis Rugs

Rich in history for its prolific design element, Trellis rugs come in several vibrant colours to make a bold statement or subdued neutrals to blend in. Earlier, they were made with ornate designs, but nowadays they are found in simpler patterns. Browse these modern-styled rugs that are suited to both formal suites of furniture as well as an area where floor décor is desired, such as a living room or dining place. Here, they are available in different designs and textures to suit your design preferences.

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Rugshop is the one-stop destination for exquisite collections of trellis rugs. We have a huge collection of elegant trellis rugs and runners that add a geometric pattern to your home decor. While there are many variations and designs of trellis rugs, a rug with a contemporary appeal and upscale design can lift up the decor of your living room. Our wool trellis rugs are manufactured from high-end wool fibres and are extremely soft and durable, with the ability to retain their shape and colour even after a long time. The wool trellis carpets are made from wool yarns that add texture and warmth to any room. Our classic trellis rugs are stain-resistant and washable too. Don't fear the trellis rugs being ruined because of a stain, as a simple machine wash can keep the rug looking clean and fresh for several years. So, if you are looking for high-end rugs at a competitive price, then come to Rugshop, where you can get beautiful rugs at factory-direct rates.


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Due to their versatile design, trellis rugs are extremely popular and a great choice for people who prefer symmetry and lines in rug design. Yet due to its versatility, it works for people who desire a classic look that has more of a baroque style. With the trellis rug pattern, there is a supporting structure, and the rug style comes with a lot of variations. Rugshop, being a leading brand in the Irish rug industry, offers unique and classy trellis rugs that can transform your space with their classic yet contemporary appeal. Intertwined between the two styles of classic and contemporary is what makes Rugshop’s collection of Trellis rugs better than others.


Wool trellis rugs


Apart from their softness and durability, wool trellis rugs have insulating properties and are suitable for all seasons. They offer a luxurious look and feel and are a timeless investment, adding charm to your home decor.


Moroccan trellis rugs


These rugs are inspired by Moroccan design, have a distinctive geometric trellis pattern, and usually come in neutral shades like grey, beige, and ivory. You can find these designs in various materials, like cotton, wool, and synthetic.


Hand-knotted trellis rugs


Made by skilled artisans, these rugs are one-of-a-kind and have an exclusive design. Hand-knotted rugs have an exquisite and intrinsic design and are generally more expensive than others.

These are just a few examples of the most popular trellis rugs. Rugshop has a vast collection of the most beautiful trellis rugs that can brighten up your space. The rugs are a popular choice for dining places and living rooms, enabling homeowners to maintain a contemporary and clean look.


RugShop’s Distinctive Collection


If you want rugs that are stylish, comfortable, have insulating properties, offer depth and texture, and are versatile, then trellis rugs should be your pick. Rugshop is a one-stop rug store offering high-end trellis rugs that add visual interest to your space while ensuring warmth and comfort. These rugs are extremely durable and ideal for high-traffic zones. The timeless appeal of trellis rugs makes them a great investment, especially if you are trying to revamp the look and feel of your interior decor. Check out the exquisite collection of high-end trellis rugs at Rugshop!


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Rugshop has a huge collection of the best-grade rugs that are available at competitive prices. Our e-store has displayed some of the most eye-catching masterpieces with intrinsic design that can make your space look large, inviting, welcoming, warm, and comfortable. At Rugshop, we source the rugs from different parts of the world to get you the most authentic pieces that can make your shopping experience a sheer joy.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are trellis rugs suitable to be placed in high-traffic areas?

Depending on the manufacturing and construction, you can place the trellis rugs in high-traffic areas. The woollen rugs are more durable than the others and would be able to withstand more foot traffic without much wear and tear.

2. Can trellis rugs be used outdoors?

Yes, some trellis rugs are designed for outdoor use, and they are more durable than others. However, before you lay the trellis rugs outside, check with the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that the material can withstand extreme weather.

3. Are trellis rugs good for houses with kids and pets?

As these rugs are durable and made from stain-resistant materials, they are great for homes with kids and pets. However, regular maintenance and cleaning of the rugs is vital to keeping them in good condition and maintaining the aesthetics of the place.