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Enjoy our animal-inspired silhouette rugs that are mostly hand-picked to create an edgy interior design trend. From retro-cool luxury faux sheepskin rugs to widely popular cowhide rugs, you’ll find gorgeous exotic animal hide and skin pile rugs for every room and occasion. Find a rug that will look good on wooden floors in a bedroom or even when nestled in front of a fireplace in a living room.

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Rugshop is the one-stop destination for premium-quality hides and skin rugs that enhance the look of your space. All our luxury faux fur rugs are hand-picked from different corners of the world, ensuring the best quality material reaches Irish homes, adding a special touch to the room and ambiance of the place. Our luxury fur rugs are ethically sourced, and each one is unique in its own right. The luxury faux sheepskin rug can be used as a floor covering or even as a traditional rug. Check out our beautiful collection of hides and skin rugs today. Our hides and skins yellow chevron rugs are one-of-a-kind and can make your Irish home look fabulously luxurious without the pocket pinch. Our rugs are original, premium quality, and competitively priced, as we source them directly from the factories and have a great global network that helps us get the finest rugs to Ireland.


Check Out Our Stunning Collection Of Hides And Skin Rugs


Rugshop is an established home and lifestyle brand in Ireland, purveying the most premium grade of hand-picked hides and skins rugs from the world’s finest and most notable factories and tanneries. We feature Ireland's largest collection of genuine luxury faux sheepskin rugs, lovingly created by artisans across the world. Our luxury faux fur rugs have one-of-a-kind patterns and sumptuous textures and are a huge favourite in the rug industry.

  • Cowhide rugs: These rugs are most widely used and, hence, most popular amongst all. You will find them in a variety of patterns and colours that make them unique. The hair of the rug is often left long, and it delivers a luxurious feel to the material.
  • Sheepskin rugs: The soft and fluffy texture of the luxury faux sheepskin rug is undeniable. They are mostly used as cosy throws because of the soft feel. The wool of the rug is often left natural or can be dyed in various colours as you wish.
  • Exotic animal hides: Some of the luxury faux fur rugs are made from leopard, zebra, and tiger. Due to ethical concerns, they are controversial. However, the exotic animal hides at Rugshop are ethically sourced and add a rustic and cosy touch to the interiors.

There are just a few examples. You will find a wide variety of hides and skin rugs in Ireland at Rugshop. Within every category, you will find several variations with regards to design, colour, and size. Hide and skin rugs have a unique appeal and are aesthetically pleasing too. Rugshop is mindful of sustainability and ethical considerations, as we understand that some hides might come from endangered or protected species.


Rugshop’s Distinct Collection


A celebration of artistry and craftsmanship using the finest textures makes the rugs at Rugshop different from the rest. Our collection has redefined the rug industry in Ireland, evoking the onset of sophistication and modern design that creates a perfect harmony between comfort and luxury. Experience the luxury of pure natural luxury fur rugs in their most natural and organic form at Rugshop.


Why is RugShop different from the rest? We stand out of the crowd.


  • Custom-made rugs: Design has no limits. We connect with the artisans at ground level to meticulously curate the designs to turn your decor dreams into reality.
  • Factory-direct rugs: We eliminate the middleman and source the rugs directly from the factories. Our rug collection is diverse, unique, and a cut above the rest.
  • Handpicked collection: We take the trouble to visit factories and source the best-grade hides and skin rugs that can transform your space and give the ambience a royal appeal.
  • Discounts, coupons, and promo codes: We go beyond seasonal discounts and year-end sales. We offer discounts 365 days a year, all throughout the year. From promo codes to coupons, you can get the best-quality rugs at a competitive price.


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Now bring your fantasy furnishing to life. Rugshop specialises in sourcing beautiful, visually stunning pieces that capture your attention and cater to your unique sense of style and imagination. With an eye for details and a love for textures, we source the best quality rugs from all four corners of the world to ensure that Irish homes can flaunt the finest quality sheepskins and furs. And all these come at factory-direct prices!


Frequently Asked Questions


Will the rugs be exactly the same colour as I see on the website?

We photograph the rugs accurately to ensure the images reflect the actual colour of the material. However, it’s not an exact science, and there can be slight variations.

I have sensitive skin; will sheepskin rugs cause allergies?

Sheepskin is hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial. So, if you are prone to allergies and hypersensitivity, then these rugs are ideal for you.

Are hides and skin rugs worth the price?

These rugs are extremely durable and more comfortable than the synthetic ones. We source original rugs from different parts of the world and sell them off to Irish homes at an affordable price.