Jute Rugs

Here we have something great, because you might not need to search further if you are thinking of owning a natural yet durable area rug! What’s so great about these jute rugs is that they come from renewable plant fibre, making them a sustainable choice in this modern world. They are better to be placed in play areas for kids than in damp or humid areas of a home because they absorb moisture easily and might start to deteriorate soon after you buy them. Browse our range of jute rugs now that both you and your whole family can enjoy.

Infuse Warmth and Texture Into Your Home With a Natural Jute Rug


Bring a touch of nature indoors to your home with handpicked rugs, where each fibre tells a story of eco-conscious craftsmanship. Rugshop invites you to elevate your interiors with the rich, earthy texture of our natural jute rugs in Ireland. Transform your space into a cosy haven with our huge selection of jute area rugs, meticulously crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room. Dive into our world of timeless beauty and discover the perfect rug to complement your interior decor.


The Legacy of Jute Rug: Weaving Tradition into Modern Homes


Jute, also known as the “Golden Fiber,” has an illustrious history deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of various civilisations. This ancient Indian fibre is highly prized for its outstanding durability and versatility.

Throughout history, jute carpets have adorned the floors of architectural masterpieces and residences. They have served as practical floor coverings as well as representations of creativity and distinct cultural identities. Their elaborate patterns and earthy hues convey stories of a bygone period and inspire sentiments of nostalgia and admiration for the creativity of the past.

Jute area rug culture transcends national borders and geographical limitations, and its legacy lives on today. The fact that these carpets are still an integral component in modern houses speaks volumes of their enduring appeal. We bring to you jute carpets that offer the ideal blend of modern sophistication and rustic appeal, skillfully blending centuries-old techniques with contemporary design. Experience the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and sustainability with Rugshop’s collection of jute rugs online.


Some of the most popular jute rug designs are:


  • Rectangular Rugs

Our selection of rectangular jute carpets is the ideal option for people who value classic elegance. Given their variety of sizes and hues, these floor coverings can be used with any type of interior design.

  • Round Rugs

With our stylish round jute rug, you can create a lasting impression in your living area. These striking pieces give classic décor a modern touch, drawing the eye and enhancing the entire space with a focal point.

  • Geometric Patterns

Our selection of geometric-patterned jute rugs can add charm to any space in your house. These floor coverings give any area a contemporary touch with their eye-catching colours and dramatic chevron stripes. So, when you incorporate our geometric jute rug into your home, you can be assured of making a lasting impression.


Discover Eco-friendly Elegance with Jute Rugs For Every Space


Enhance the visual appeal of any room with the understated elegance of a natural jute area rug from Rugshop. The earthy texture and neutral tones of our floor coverings effortlessly complement various interior styles, from minimalist and modern to bohemian and eclectic. Whether you need a jute rug for outdoor use to beautify your patio or a small jute rug for the entryway, we have got you covered. From the living room to the kids’ room, our jute carpets serve as an attractive and functional addition.


Experience Underfoot Luxury: Shop Premium Jute Rugs in Ireland from Rugshop


At our online retail store, we bring to you the finest jute rugs that are directly sourced from the factories. Whether you reside in Ireland or the UK, enjoy the elegance and rustic charm of our versatile pieces. Visit the ‘deals and coupons’ section on our website and get amazing discounts on area rugs throughout the year.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Are jute area rugs appropriate for high-traffic areas?

Absolutely, jute rugs are perfect for spaces like the living room, entryway, or hallway. Since these floor coverings are made using organic materials, they are durable and can tolerate a lot of foot activity.

  • How do I maintain and clean a jute rug?

Generally, all that's required to maintain the stunning appearance of a jute rug is routine vacuuming and occasional cleaning using a mild detergent. However, keep it out of the sun and excessive wetness to avoid damaging it.

  • Are jute rugs good for the environment?

Since they are constructed of natural, biodegradable fibres, jute carpets are indeed good for the environment. In addition to being an environmentally friendly choice for your house, jute is a sustainable crop that grows with little help from pesticides or water.