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The terms and conditions mentioned herewith govern all purchases, pricing, delivery, and returns through the Rugshop eCommerce Store, as well as using our website. All users of our website, products, and services automatically agree to these terms.

The purchase order is complete only when the order has reached the customer and we have received full payment for it. The purchase is put on hold as long as the payment is stuck in processing.

All our rug prices are inclusive of shipping charges, service taxes, and VAT. We will mention if any duty costs apply to deliveries to specific locations.

We reserve the right to change our prices at the end of sale seasons, any changes in exchange rates, changes in the rugs industry in Ireland, and at any other point, either definitely or indefinitely.

At Rugshop we primarily accept credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal payments. Below are the terms and conditions related to them:

  1. Credit and Debit Cards: Rugshop accepts secure card payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Handelsbanken, and Klarna cards. Partial or instalment payments are based on the policies offered by your card.
  2. Bank Transfer:We only accept full payments. Partial or instalment payments are not available for bank transfers.
  3. PayPal:We accept PayPal payments in Euro.

Rugshop guarantees that our website maintains high-security standards to facilitate safe transactions for our customers. While we allow our customers to save their cards and bank accounts if they want to make faster purchases in the future, we will never know their card PIN or bank account details. This information is securely transferred to an encrypted link through the payment gateway.

We offer nationwide delivery across Ireland. Free shipping available on selected products with orders over €40. If your delivery is delayed beyond the stipulated time, we will inform you of the reason.

If you cancel the order midway, then a refund of shipping and delivery costs will be based on the situation. We don’t have the liability to refund the shipping costs when the delay was not caused by us but by any natural or manmade disasters. For more details, refer to our Delivery Page

If you believe you received a faulty product, we urge you to first take the matter to our customer support. Sometimes handcrafted carpets might have signs of imperfections, which is a mark of authenticity, not a fault. Such issues may be resolved without returning the product.

However, if the matter persists, then we can only take action or resolve it when it is reported within the stipulated timeframe of 14 days.

We reserve the right to ask for photo evidence to investigate the faults before we take any action. We can issue a refund or replacement based on your preference if there is a genuine fault in the rug. This will include shipping charges as well.

Rugshop does not offer any warranty for the rugs we sell. The warranties are based on the policies of the artisans and sellers with whom we collaborate. The warranty document, if available, will be attached to the package we deliver.

Any cost of damage or faults covered under the warranty will be determined based on an investigation by our staff to determine the real cause of the damage. If we find out that the damage is due to poor handling or storage by the customer, then we reserve the right to reject any warranty reparations.

The Rugshop database will save specific personal data, including name, phone number, and email address when an order is placed or a customer registers. By doing this, you consent to our storing the data required to process your order and provide you with the level of service you've come to expect from us. Rugshop guarantees not to divulge this information to any outside parties. Your privacy is secure on our website thanks to our strict website security standards.

Rugshop uses website cookies to provide a seamless shopping experience. Cookies are used for a variety of purposes, including letting us manage the items in your shopping cart and your login information. Cookies are also used by us to analyse and improve our marketing. You won't be able to access the shop if your web browser is configured to not accept cookies. If that's the case, changing this setting is simple.

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