Rug Size Guide

The Ultimate Guide

Discovering and purchasing the perfect rug is only half the battle won! Once it’s time to place the rug, it’s essential to first lay down the foundation for other furnishings. This puts a lot of pressure to place the rug perfectly so that the magnificent carpet piece can upgrade the aesthetics of your home and make all elements shine. Rug Shop has done this more than once and we have now rounded up our best tips on how you can position your majestic rugs perfectly in every type of room.

Living Room

Rugs are exquisite, warm and welcoming, but the way you position the rug and arrange the carpeting decides the overall aesthetic appeal of the place and comfort. A few things to note:

  1. Cover high-traffic areas
  2. Keep the rug away from the walls
  3. The legs of the furniture should sit on the rug
  4. Bigger is always better for living rooms

The Float Layout

Place rug in between furniture and right under the coffee table can anchor the space nicely while you will have enough walking space around the furniture.

The “All Legs on Board” Layout

Place all the furniture pieces on the rug. This layout frames your space, but leave some room outside the carpet for walking.

The “Front-Legs Only” Layout

Small rooms appear more spacious, when you place the anchor furniture (sofa) around ensuring that only the front legs are on top of the rug.


Selecting the right rug for your bedroom is dependent on the bed size. The bed should be the main focal point of the room and is the deciding factor for rug placement. Things to note before positioning the rug:

  1. Don't go for too small rugs for your bedroom
  2. Do leave equal space
  3. Do consider a rug pad
  4. Always cover high-traffic areas

Under the Bed

Bedrooms with hardwood floors should have rugs under the bed. A warm and textured luxurious rug will offer you a soft landing when emerging from slumber.

 In the middle of the Room

Positioning round bedroom rugs in the middle of the room makes it the central focal point and draws your eye to the centre, also the room looks more spacious.

Place runners on either side of the Bed

Place two runner rugs parallel to your bedside tables or underneath the bed to give the space a unique appeal. Opting for customisation is a good idea.

Dining Room

Similar to bedroom rug positioning, the dining room rugs are easy to place as they have a single piece of furniture, which is the dining room set. Probably the biggest decision that one needs to make is the positioning of the chair legs. However, here are a few more things that you should note:

  1. Opt for colour variations and design patterns to hide stains
  2. A big rug looks better than a small one
  3. The rug should be warm and have a luxurious texture
  4. Acoustic rugs that cancel sounds are a better choice

Put the chairs and table entirely on top of the Rug

Rug placement that encompasses the dining set completely will make the decorative chairs protruding against the table edges, appear more majestic and classy.

Set the front legs of the dining chairs on the Rug

This layout emphasises the contrast between the dining table, the room’s flooring and your majestic rug. Keep the front legs of the chair on the rug for visual enhancement.

Round Rugs under a round dining Table

Round rugs can match the aesthetics of a round dining table and create a cohesive look with other elements that have circular shapes for eg. lighting fixtures.


The kitchen is the heart of the house and is even considered as the shadow of the living room. As the kitchen space experiences a lot of foot traffic, the need for a rug is essential. Here are a few things to note before buying a kitchen rug.

  1. These rugs should be long-lasting and low maintenance
  2. Cover high-traffic areas
  3. Get a rug with no-slip backing
  4. Mind the doors

Rugs in front of the Sink

A small rug that's the same width as the kitchen sink is ideal. These rugs should be able to catch drips of water so that they don't land on the floor.

Narrow kitchens use Runners

For a narrow kitchen, long runners in walkways look great. L-shaped kitchens should have runners in high-traffic areas.

Rugs in front of the kitchen island or Stove

Place rugs in front of the stove or the kitchen island. These areas of the kitchen experience most of the foot traffic and a cushioned rug would look great.

Hallways and Entryways

Purchasing and positioning a rug in the hallway or entryway might be quite challenging. However, we have got you covered with these ideas. You can now get the most exquisite rugs and place them over the hallways. Here are some notes to help you buy and place rugs in hallways and entrances.

  1. Choose beautiful rugs that match your decor
  2. Rug placement is about balance and harmony as it serves as a visual anchor
  3. Experiment with the angle of the rug
  4. Go for darker shades that don't stain or fade

Rug Runners

Rug runners can make a boring, long hallway look more interesting. They are a practical choice for hallways which are high-traffic areas.

Round Rug in an entryway

First impressions are everything and round rugs or even crescent-shaped ones are a great choice for the layout.

Horizontal rectangular Rugs for small entryways

If you have to work with limited square footage, then horizontal rectangular rugs are the best choice as they deliver a classic timeless appeal.

Garden or Patio

Rugs in outdoor spaces like patios and gardens are great for adding comfort, defining different areas and enhancing overall aesthetics. There are different sets of rugs designed especially for outdoor spaces considering they not only need to look beautiful but also require to be functional to withstand exposure from the elements. Here are a few things to note:

  1. Choose bright vibrant colours
  2. These rugs do more than just enhance the aesthetics - Functionality is vital
  3. Get a rug pad to prevent slipping
  4. Consider polypropylene rugs for their water-resistant properties and strength

Move a rug around the garden

You can have a few outdoor rugs rolled up and create a sunny corner on the lawn whenever you need.

Think about shape

Your garden doesn't always need a rectangular or square rug. Play with the shapes and cover the deck area with a circular rug.

Patio Theme

Place an outdoor rug to establish a colour or a patterned theme on the patio. Place the front legs of the major furniture pieces on the rug.