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We are a passionate team committed to design your home as a canvas of comfort, luxury and style. Our top priority is to ensure you get the most beautiful rugs at a nominal price. You can now get traditional Persian rugs, wool rugs, soft rugs, animal-printed ones, handwoven rugs, floral rugs and many other varieties at a competitive price. We make this possible by sourcing high-quality rugs directly from the factory and eliminating the middlemen who are making money just by facilitating a transaction. By removing these mediators and go-between negotiators who are connected to most of the sellers in Ireland and the UK, we ensure you get the best deals and heavy discounts all throughout the year.

The promoter of the business, Dylan Holland has joined hands with his Indian Partners to source premium-quality rugs from places like Turkey, India, Morocco, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and all across the world that have a tradition and long history with rug making. The bright side of the story is that you can now purchase incredible rugs with magnificent motifs and customised designs, shapes and sizes at lucrative discounts and sales that are available all around the year!

Rugs from Around The World

Get direct access to high-quality rugs sourced from countries with a history and tradition of rug making. From oriental rugs to contemporary rugs, we provide divergent kinds of premium quality pieces that come directly from the factory guaranteeing exceptional quality at a nominal price. A rug is a work of art and Rug Shop also provides customised masterpieces that will be the centre of attraction in your living space. The BEST PART - you no longer have to wait for seasonal offers or year-ending sales! We offer daily deals, discount coupons and promo codes - ALL YEAR ROUND!

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Our Team on the ground

Rug Store has built up an integrated business system as we source high-quality rugs directly from manufacturers and bring them right to your doorstep - which in turn helps you purchase exquisite rugs of various designs, shapes and motifs at a nominal price. As there is no middleman involved in the process, you do not have to pay exorbitant prices, while at the same time, you can get customised rugs at attractive discounts throughout the year.

No longer do you need to wait for seasonal offers, newsletter deals or any stock-clearance sales to make a purchase. Shop any day, anytime to grab the lucrative offers and unbelievable discounts! Here is the team behind this humanitarian venture:

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Dylan Holland

With a Masters Degree in Financial Economics from the University College Cork, Dylan Holland runs many businesses and Rug Shop is his brainchild. He realised that the middlemen are making huge profits by selling luxury rugs in Ireland and the UK. Dylan decided to remove these middlemen and provide the finest quality rugs to the people at competitive prices. This initiative makes a striking difference as people can now purchase a variety of rugs coming from different corners of the world at a nominal price.

Rajiv Bajaj

Being a dynamic professional, Rajiv Bajaj understands the business like no other. While he is purely a technical person and looks into the financial aspect of every business, he is compassionate enough to understand the sentiments of the customers. Rajiv is aware that buying rugs is often regarded as an expensive purchase and he decided to change this concept. Rajiv along with his partners source the best quality rugs of different designs and styles from all across the world and brings them to the Rug Shop - meaning world’s best rugs now a steal-deal at Rug Shop!

Pavitra Mundhra

When it comes to team management and regulating workflow, no one can beat Pavitra Mundhra, which is why he is considered a vital driving force of this unique venture. Eliminating the middlemen to ship the rugs directly to your doorstep was definitely an outstanding business idea coming from Pavitra. He goes to the depths of any issue to understand the root cause and suggests exceptional problem-solving ideas. Both Pavitra and Rajiv visit the factories to conduct quality checks, leaving no stone unturned to bring you the best quality rugs at competitive prices.

Luxury Rugs

Custom Size Rugs: Your Design and Our Weaver!

If you have a rug design in mind, we will help you design the exact make in your specific time. Our experienced artisans will craft your masterpiece, without pinching your pocket. Get in touch with us to give wings to your dreams.

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