Discover the convenience of rug underlays that will not only benefit you by keeping your favourite rugs in place but will also prevent you from slipping. If you have busy kids or pets, you may have been troubled so far by them skidding over the area rugs and getting hurt, especially in high-traffic areas! Don’t fret. Our collection of anti-slip mats in different sizes and thicknesses will help you secure the rugs underneath without causing any bumps or lumps. Browse today.

Anti-Slip Rug Underlays: The Perfect Partner for Your Rugs!

Flying carpets sound magical only in stories. In reality, a steady ground matters the most in homes. Only an underlay for a rug helps serve the purpose. At Rugshop, we maximise the benefits of beautiful and functional area rugs with such non-skid mats. We believe they are unsung heroes and deserve their fair share of importance. Hence, we dedicate an entire page to them.
If you are willing to make smart investments with lasting results, stop by our store and get the perfect non-slip mat at an affordable price.


Protecting Floors and Preventing Accidents Indoors Since Inception: Shop Non-Slip Mats Online!


Carpets and underlays complement each other. One without the other is incomplete. At Rugshop, we can be your ultimate destination to source non-slippery mats with excellent grip on all floor types—carpets and hardwood. Designed with high-quality materials, like polyester, each of our pieces is machine-made to perfection.

Did you know that even the softest rug can scratch a floor, let alone coarse backings? With an all-surface-compatible base from Rugshop, you can prevent scuffing and abrasion from ruining the aesthetics of your hardwood surfaces. Shop now to extend the life of your new flooring and maintain it for years to come!

In every home, safety is a top priority. With a top-quality rug underlay, it is easy to achieve. At Rugshop, the ones we feature have extra grip layers to prevent area rugs from shifting and sliding across the floor. The stability we offer is unrivalled and the ideal foundation for a safer environment. If your home experiences high traffic and you live with children and elderly individuals, grab an anti-slip underlay for all your rugs. Browse now!


What Makes Anti-Slip Mats from Rugshop the Hottest Choices?


We take pride in our product range, and that includes our remarkable collection of rug underlays. With our inventory frequently evaporating as customers grab them off the shelves, don’t you think they stand apart? The following features differentiate us from the rest:


  • All our non-slippery mats are polyester-made, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Built to have a steadfast grip to prevent carpets from bunching up, they promise stability and safety.
  • Highly versatile and suitable for every floor type, including carpets and hardwood.
  • An ideal thickness of around 2.5 mm for better cushioning underfoot.
  • Designed to minimise noise from footsteps to maintain a quieter environment.
  • They never cause staining on the floor from the rug.
  • Easy to maintain; check upkeep instructions with us.
  • Crafted with precision to act as shields between area rugs and the floor underneath
  • They impede the growth of mould and mildew, thanks to their anti-microbial properties.
  • Shipping to anywhere in Ireland is free of charge.
  • Prompt delivery of 3–4 business days.
  • Sourced directly from factories, saving costs on transactions facilitated by middlemen.


We would love for you to experience the convenience, safety and functionality of our anti-slip rug underlays. Go ahead and make a purchase! Don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback. Every rating and response counts.


LUKA Rug Underlay: The Star of Our Collection


At Rugshop, home safety starts with LUKA. Designed with a steadfast grip, it promises stability on every flooring type. Crafted for a family-friendly home, our premium non-skid mat keeps carpets in place. Eliminate the chances of slipping for kids, pets, and elderly members at home with our meticulously machine-made carpet base. Easy to place underneath area rugs, they can also be customised to match your rug dimensions.

Upgrade to an elegant living space and enjoy safety with LUKA. We are fully stocked now but cannot guarantee availability all year round. Our range of branded non-slip rug underlays is selling like hotcakes. So, grab these hot-selling items while you can before they soar off our shelves.


Elevate Your Rug Experience Today with Underlays for Carpets from Rugshop!


Keep your favourite area rugs in place and let them not be hindrances in your family-friendly living spaces. Explore our wide-ranging collection of non-skid mats to get the perfect fit for your carpets and lifestyle. Shop today to secure your home and feel the difference from day 1.