Printed Rugs

Printed rugs are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and a wonderful choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They are affordable and come in a varied number of designs and styles, enhancing and elevating the look and feel of your space. Versatility is the name for printed rugs, and it's definitely a practical solution for the budget-conscious Irish homeowners.

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If you are looking for high-quality printed carpets that can revamp your home and enhance the aesthetics of the space, then come to Rugshop. We have a wide range of printed rugs. You can find a vast array of patterns, designs, and colours that effortlessly complement your space and enhance the interior styles, from traditional to contemporary. You will find a lot of varieties when choosing printed rugs at Rugshop, and this versatility makes them stand out effortlessly.


However, the good news is that the printed rugs can suit the taste and preference of one and all, which makes them a top favourite amongst homeowners in Ireland.


The Most Popular Styles Of Printed Rugs At Rugshop


Printed rugs are not only affordable, but they are a wonderful choice for the stylish designs and quality materials that can instantly revamp the look and appeal of your space. Compared to handcrafted rugs, the printed ones have a notable advantage, and that’s their ease of maintenance and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. However, if you want to browse through and find the most loved and popular styles of printed rugs, then a look at our collection would definitely enable you to make an informed decision.


Floral-Printed Rugs: The vibrant floral patterns and botanical designs make the floral-printed carpets a must-buy. They are ideal for adding a touch of elegance to your room. These rugs have a natural appeal and come in colour combinations and sizes, which have the ability to complement different interior styles and decor.


Abstract Printed Rugs: If you are looking for rugs with bold colours, creative designs, and abstract artwork, then printed abstract carpets are the right choice. They are perfect for adding an artistic flair to your room and making a bold statement. These rugs are used as focal points in eclectic and modern decor schemes.


Animal-Printed Rugs: If you are looking for rugs to add a touch of luxury and exoticism to your space, then animal-printed rugs are a good choice. These animal-printed rugs mimic the patterns and textures of animal skin, like cowhide, zebra, and even the leopard.


Novelty Printed Rugs: If you are looking for printed rugs for the kids playroom, then whimsical designs like themed motifs and cartoons work well. These rugs are fun, creative, and can effortlessly elevate your living space.


While these are just a few of our most popular printed rugs, Rugshop has a vast collection and is constantly upgrading with new arrivals that can brighten up your space. Printed rugs are a visual delight and can work wonders to lift up the look of your space.


The Distinctive Collection At Rugshop


If you are looking for rugs that look great, feel soft, and are a practical choice for the long run, then connect with Rugshop. We are the one-stop destination for high-quality rugs that can add visual interest to any space and also ensure ultimate warmth and comfort. Our rugs are known for their durability and work exceptionally well in high-traffic zones. If you are planning to invest in rugs, then Rugshop definitely deserves a mention.


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At Rugshop, you will find the best rugs at competitive prices. This is possible as we source the premium-quality rugs directly from the factory. Our team visits the factories and sources the rugs from the local artisans. By eliminating the middleman, we can offer you handmade and machine-made printed rugs at factory-direct rates.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are Printed Rugs Good Enough For Homes With Pets And Children?

Printed rugs are indeed a great choice for homes with pets and children. This is because they are resistant to staining and a durable choice too. However, ensure that the dyes and materials are safe and non-toxic for family members.


2. Are Printed Rugs Expensive?

Not at all. Printed rugs are more affordable than tufted and handwoven rugs. The prize can vary depending on the material, size, and design complexity. However, at Rugshop, you can get high-quality rugs at competitive factory-direct prices.


3. Can Printed Rugs Be Used Outdoors?

Yes, printed outdoor rugs are a thing. These rugs are made from weather-resistant materials and can withstand the elements without being worn out, fading, or losing their lustre.