Cotton Rugs

If you prioritise eco-friendly home decor that is made of natural, plant-based materials, cotton rugs would be the best of all. These floor coverings give a soft and comfortable feeling to all, including young kids and pets, if there’s any. Not being rough and hardy, they are super-easy to handle when it comes to cleaning spills and stains. You won’t even have to turn on your vacuum! All you have to do is pick up the light-weighted cotton rugs and give them a quick shake to help get rid of the debris. See below how we have created these cotton fibre rugs with intricate finishings and unique dye techniques to uplift any interior ambience.

Cotton Area Rugs: Gentle Underfoot, Splendid to Behold


It’s no secret that cotton is a popular material when weaving rugs. History is a witness to its existence in the 1st and 3rd centuries AD. According to historians, probably the earliest evidence of the existence of flat-woven cotton area rugs was found in Niya, Turkestan (modern-day Xinjiang in China). If it’s true, these textiles have been instrumental in rendering warmth and comfort to living spaces for centuries.

Today, with the availability of cotton runner rugs, the popular striped cotton rugs and plenty of other designs, their usage has increased in residences and commercial areas. People adore their soft texture and enduring qualities, with the added benefit of cost-effectiveness. At Rugshop, you can find a wide variety of cotton-woven carpets to meet your everyday needs.


Most Coveted Cotton Rug Styles


For starters, cotton rugs are floor coverings crafted from cotton plants. Unlike wool, the vegetable fibres constituting it are inelastic, facilitating weavers to maintain tension with the yarn. The outcome is evenly proportioned area rugs, which are instant upgrades to homes. While it’s great to have 100% pure cotton carpets indoors, the presence of natural fibres often backfires.

At Rugshop, since we are more committed to offering you durable and comfortable textiles, we combine other super-quality fibres. Enjoy long-lasting cotton carpets at our store without losing out on the comfort and softness of the vegetable fibres. Complement stone, wood, or tile flooring with one from our collection and watch it warm up your room during the winter. Ours are equally sought-after for lighting up dark corners with vivid hues while providing extra padding underfoot.

Fancy a cotton area rug? Visit Rugshop and allow us to pamper you with only the most popular styles:

  • Striped cotton rugs: They are great for adding visual interest to rooms with their bold, modern, classic and nautical designs. While cream stripes are commonly designed for bedrooms, grey and brown are often used outdoors.
  • Plain rugs: When adding interest to an otherwise dull room, these cotton area rugs prove valuable. They add a splash of colour and prove versatile enough to be used in different settings. Blue, yellow and orange plain cotton rugs are bestsellers at Rugshop.
  • Dhurrie rugs: It’s easy to identify them by their bold hues and geometric patterns. You could reverse them during usage and put them in high-traffic rooms without worrying about anything. They are comparatively affordable.
  • Patchwork rugs: Manufactured from scraps of cotton stitched together in a patchwork pattern, these floor coverings lend personality to rooms.
  • Braided rugs: When strips of cotton are braided together, you get this style of floor covering. They are more casual and available in a variety of hues and dimensions to work on the texture of the room.

We are constantly refreshing our collection of cotton carpets to cover the styles. If you fail to locate one of these styles in our range today, come back later. We are leaving no stone unturned to update our collection with only the finest in the market.


Exploring Cotton Rugs: How to Find the Perfect Match For Your Home?


Cotton carpets go beyond aesthetics. They serve useful purposes, like restoring warmth indoors, proving comfortable underfoot, dampening noise and safeguarding floors from scratches and scuff marks. Every home deserves one.

Given the fantastic choice a cotton carpet could be, let us help you zero in on the ideal one to suit your personal taste.

  • Browse by style: Our artisans draw inspiration from around the world, which is why our designs are vast and suit the tastes of every shopper. Whether it’s an abstract, geometric, or striped cotton rug, we have everything and more in our collection.
  • Browse by rug size: After measuring your space, you may want to look at the nearest cotton floor covering dimensions to cover the bare floors of your room. Rugshop offers 152x244, 160x230, 240x300, 240x340 and other standard sizes to pick from.
  • Browse by colour: Choose from a colour wheel of beige, green, pink, red, black, blue, brown and their various shades at Rugshop. We have cotton carpets in every hue to lend a wow factor to your living space.

We have more filters to land you on the right cotton floor covering. Visit Rugshop to view them and save time when shopping.


Why Choose Rugshop to Purchase Cotton Rugs?


Cotton, a sustainable natural fibre, is a great material for weaving area rugs. Unlike wool or other synthetic textiles, it never causes allergic reactions. At Rugshop, we hand-tuft and hand-loom cotton rugs for our shoppers to enjoy the ultimate cosiness under their bare feet and save the delicate knees of infants indoors. Despite their attractiveness and convenience, they are priced affordably here. We have eliminated all the middlemen and source directly from factories.  This is why we can offer the best-quality cotton area rugs at reasonable rates. Land yourself on our website today to shop from a stunning array of stylish floor coverings in various designs, patterns and colours. We are sure you will find one suitable for your personality and living space.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. What makes cotton an ideal rug material?

Wool carpets may excel at holding dyes, unlike cotton, but nothing compares to the carefree and organic look of cotton area rugs. It’s so dependable that you cannot do without one.

  1. Is the problem with shedding happening with cotton runner rugs?

Be it a runner rug or a simple carpet woven from cotton fibres, there is no chance of it shedding.

  1. Can cotton rugs be cleaned easily?

Yes, they can be spruced up to a spanking new look by blotting up spills and scrubbing the spot with a mixture of mild soap and water. Alternatively, small ones can be put into washing machines by turning the delicate cycle on. Sometimes, simply shaking them to detach dirt from their fibres works well. However, rug manufacturers often discourage homeowners from using oxygen cleaners.

  1. Do cotton area rugs last long?

Since the fibres of cotton carpets break down with time, it’s best to place them in areas experiencing little foot traffic. Nonetheless, with proper care and maintenance, they last for many years.