Green Rugs

Trends may come and go, but the colour green remains a classic one for rugs. A green area rug anywhere placed is sure to get people to do the talking as it reminds us about nature and calmness. In a variety of shades and tones, from emerald to olive, from vibrant patterns to minimalist style, you can find the right choice for you.

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If you believe that green is the colour of money, it is time to rewire that belief. In reality, the colour does not directly mean money. It symbolises growth and prosperity. Why green? Because that is the colour of the tree. An embodiment of the power of the tree. Life is real wealth. As the vision of nature, as the grace of Al Khidr, who guards the oceans and manifests divine knowledge—Rugshop celebrates all the ethereal accents of the colour green in the form of beautiful rugs. Discover our traditional green carpet rug collections, contemporary floral patterns, abstract concepts or plain, simple, solid colour rugs. One colour, numerous shades, and an endless spectrum of creative possibilities.


A Look Into The History and Culture of Green Rugs


Even though there is little understanding of how the colour was produced, there was a strong presence of green fabrics and clothing in the ancient Mesopotamian civilisation of Egypt. As an additive colour, it could have been produced by mixing indigo pigments with yellow pigments taken from saffron and crocus plants. Historical studies indicate a wide use of copper and malachite to produce green dyes. Whatever the process, the colour was certainly expensive and luxurious in ancient times; that was the fashion of royalty or someone that wealthy. In contrast to the expensive clothing, which proves that green dyes did exist during ancient times, there is little to no evidence of green rugs in this period, probably because rugs were considered more humble to bear the expensive dye.


The Persian tribes were probably the first to use green dyes in rugmaking. Pazyryk Carpets, which are the earliest specimens of pile carpets crafted in the Pazyryk Valleys of Siberia, used green dyes on wool carpets. Over time, the Khamseh tribes also featured green accents on their rugs.  But wasn’t until the Mughal period, circa the 16th century, that green colour rugs gained more prominence. Later, we can see more creativity in Damascene rugs, Tabriz rugs, and Feraghan rugs that came from the southern depths of Tehran. The majority of tribes in the Persian and Oriental regions were Islamic, which has deep traditional associations with the green colour; hence, we can see it prevailing in their rugs in later periods.


A Glimpse Into The Green Rugs Collection of Rugshop


Featuring a dominant  495–570 nm wavelength, green is a cool colour. One of the three primary additive colours, there are over 300 shades of green in the world. It symbolises life, environment and, of course, wealth. While there is scarce use of the hues in traditional Oriental and Persian rugs, you can get the entire palette in vintage, retro and modern floor coverings. We at Rugshop have lined up our handpicked collection, sourced directly from authentic artisans and rug factories in different parts of the world. Below is a glimpse of the majority for you to get inspired by. 



  • Abstract Green Rugs: Exhibiting bold, undaunted patterns and dynamic stikes of colour, abstract rugs break the codes only to redefine new flairs in contemporary design. This moves away from stories, meanings and symbolism and embodies abstraction as a form of limitless freedom. Get inspired by our luxury pieces, like the Floret Green Living Room Rug, in rich teal green, and the handloom rug from our Fairytale series, sourced from Turkey.


  • Green Kids Rugs: Add plenty of good vibes to kids' spaces with a variety of green kids carpets available in our catalogue. Check out the Enrich Kids Modern Rug in green, grey and white with graphic print on chenille and polyester. And many other


  • Green Geometric Rugs: So 70s, so eclectic modern geometric patterns are all out in this range. Get started with the Erude yellow-green charmer, and then the dashing stripes of the Ferric. Choose patterns from all angles and directions to complement your space.


  • Plain Greens: When you want just the colour and nothing else, select your favourite shade(s) from our range of plain rugs from our offerings. Get enriched olive, teal, viridian, moss specimens and several other shades.


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Green is the colour of harmony, growth and natural energy. Let it breathe new life and visual interest into your space. Shop from our wide range of traditional Persian and Oriental green colour rugs in our Traditional-Vintage section, or get crafty with more abstract pattern options and bold, vibrant features. Get different varieties of hand-tufted, handloom and machine-made rugs. Explore our all-new luxury green rugs sourced from Turkey, India, Belgium and other parts of the world. The divergent premium quality carpets are brought to you straight from the manufacturer or artisan, eliminating any middlemen involved. We can thus, ensure outstanding quality at a competitive price. This is something exclusive to Rugshop. So start exploring and make a green statement to enliven your space to the fullest.


Frequently Asked Questions about Green Rugs


1. What Are the Best Materials for Green Rugs?

There is no specific “best material” for this, but if you are talking about our collection, then we have the best of our green rugs in wool, chenille and polyester variants. But since we keep updating our catalogue, it is better to keep your options wide open.  


2. What Rooms or Spaces Are Best for Placing Green Rugs?

 It is not about the colour but more about the shade or hue that you should consider. Area rugs should generally be placed in contrast to the colour of the floor since this will help to more clearly define the layout's edges. Another option is to choose the type of colour scheme, like earthy, vibrant, muted or neutral—following these characteristics will help you narrow your search.


3. Are the Green Vintage Rugs Genuine?

First things first, yes, they are. However, you must understand that our catalogue stocks vast types of genuine vintage items that are aged over 20 years, as well as modern vintage-style floor coverings that create the ambience. We urge you to research our product description or get in touch with us if you are looking for specific items to invest in.


4. What Are the Best Combination Colours to Go With Green Carpets? 

Greens go the best with blue and yellow. You can also find some creative combinations with black, grey, and beige. Keep exploring to develop a personal creative stance. Rules can often limit possibilities.