Black Rugs

If you need a rug to steal the focus of your guests, we have the absolute match. Available in large sizes, our black rugs are meant to dominate a room. However, our small rugs will add punch and zest to any room that needs a little filler. With very low maintenance in terms of cleaning and upkeep, our black rugs are everyone’s first choice.

Create a Luxe Foundation with Black Carpets from Rugshop!


Black, the colour of the night or the colour of the darkness, was often feared and associated with morbidity. Isn’t it surprising to see the colour overflowing into the rug world? A dive into the rich past of black rugs reveals the boundary between a carpet’s narrative and its outside world in traditional Persian carpets. Today, it’s a testament to timeless style. Some cultures consider it a symbol of strength and authority, while others perceive black combined with white as a symbol of balance and duality.

When looking to include the perfect grounding element while setting the tone for cooking drama in a room, black runner rugs and the usual carpets dyed in the colour can serve your purpose well. Have you ever experienced elegance in a home brought about by black? If not, do it today and watch it invite a stark contrast to your existing styles focused on light and vivid hues.


Black Rugs: Symbolism in Feng Shui


Black living room rugs are highly coveted soft furnishings. According to Feng Shui, the colour depicts wisdom but use it sparingly to convey the feeling. Chinese geomancy also believes that it can absorb negative energy. Therefore, home décor experts also encourage homeowners to invite black runner rugs into kitchens or rooms dealing with water. Most of you may be unaware, but such rugs associate well with water. The depth, ability to connect various elements and power to breathe life into living spaces are reasons enough to justify this fact.


Black Rugs: A Bold Choice


Black makes many a little uneasy. Fret not; it need not be a solid colour. If thoughts of inviting too much darkness into your living spaces haunt you, try our geometric designs with a combination of black and light hues. Traditional area rugs often flaunt a black and golden colour combination. You can also find artsy and abstract patterns, with an interplay of light and vivid shades. When thinking of drawing the attention of guests, leverage them to highlight a pop of colour. You may also use them to your advantage to blend colours. Either way, it speaks volumes about the versatility of black carpets.


Explore a Collection of Black and Colourful Rugs at Rugshop!


Rugshop, your favourite destination for all rug things, takes pride in featuring not just colourful rugs but those dyed in black. Wisdom lies in thinking of them as gold jewels in your interior decoration. You can accentuate all your décor items with the placement of one. While black runner rugs from our shop lend the right touch to hallways, tribal styles in the same colour act similar to the effect whipped cream has on hot chocolate.

An almost endless collection of cream and black rugs, modern black abstract floor coverings, white and black kids’ rugs, grey and black carpets and others await you. Our choices are either machine-made, hand-tufted, or woven, keeping the most acceptable manufacturing standards in mind for you to not just benefit from its unique colour but also its practicality. We involve no intermediaries and source our pieces directly from factories. So, expect only reasonable price tags on them. Of course, that hardly means we compromise quality. Expect only the finest black carpets from us.


Frequently Asked Questions on Black Rugs


  1. How to decorate a living room with a black rug?

Start with a black living room rug and experiment with it in different spots. You can place it within your seating area, typically in the centre, to enjoy great looks. However, there is inadequate space, and there is always the choice of inviting a black runner rug to be placed in front of your couch.

  1. Is a black rug a good idea?

Yes, it’s certainly a good idea because it never goes out of style. A black floor covering brings life to a bright room featuring neutral décor and plenty of windows. It acts as a magnet, drawing more and more people by being a focal point.

  1. Do black rugs gradually fade?

Since they feature a darker shade, they absorb light and contain more carpet dyes. Therefore, they hardly fade over time.